The RelightNY team

RelightNY Team Photo

From left to right: Avery Hairston, Peter Ginsberg, Brendan Harvey, Peter Chapin, Taiki Kasuga, Jack Schlossberg, Izzy Rattner, Will Pagano, Daniel Bernstein, Stephen Todres, Flo Koenigsberger

RelightNY officially launched March 2007. Since then, the RelightNY team has raised significant contributions from corporations and individuals. With those donations, the team has been able to buy and distribute nearly 30,000 energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) to low-income families in all 5 boroughs of NYC. The team has visited senior citizen buildings, the largest public housing in the country and worked with other school kids to provide energy saving bulbs to families in NYC who could benefit from the energy savings. In the fall of 2008, the RelightNY team plans to distribute at least 50,000 more CFL bulbs to low-income families throughout NYC.

Their work isn't just about saving families money on their electric bills and helping improve the environment. The big reason these boys have spent so much of their spare time on RelightNY is to inspire all New Yorkers to live in more environmentally conscious ways. But these boys can't do it alone. To inspire all New Yorkers to make the switch, they need your help. Join the RelightNY team. Make a difference for the future generations. Form a team, adopt a building and get the tenants in your building to make the switch.

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